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Essentials for the Support of a DXpedition

Essentials for the Support of a DXpedition

The German DX Foundation (GDXF), founded in 1996, was established to support HF DX activities, on all bands or modes, to rare countries all over the world. Eligible for support are especially DXCC- and IOTA activities if they are high in the EU Most Wanted Ranking and offer at least one main mode. This support will be realized by means of financial grants or by personal, instrumental or logistic aids. All decisions on behalf of the Foundation will be made by the GDXF Board of Directors.
According to the GDXF statutes and by-laws, all organizers of a DXpedition who apply for a grant or any non-financial support of their project have to declare their approval of the most important principles of the Foundation:

1. GDXF Logo

The GDXF will only support DX activities if their organizers are willing to reproduce our logo on their QSL cards. In exceptional cases it will be sufficient to mention the grant in another suitable form which must be approved by the GDXF Secretary.

2. QSLing Practice

The organizers of DX activities seeking for a GDXF donation have to declare that all incoming correct requests for QSL cards (via the Bureau system or via direct mail with enclosed compensation for postage by means of SASE, IRC, valid stamps or foreign currency) will be answered as soon as possible using the same way. Any discriminations due to political, racial or any other reasons are by no ways acceptable for the GDXF.

3. GDXF QSL Service

A fast and uncomplicated supply of GDXF members with QSL cards of sponsored DXpeditions has a high priority. The organizer of a DX activity therefore has to select one of the following methods of QSL card dissemination. This only holds for the case that the DXpedition's QSL manager resides outside of Europe. The use of methods (a) or (b) implies that electronic data only - no original printed QSL cards - will be handled.

4. Application

Organizers of a DXpedition are asked to completely fill the DXpedition support application form. With the submission of this form the applicant agrees upon the above mentioned GDXF rules.
a. DX Processing
  The QSO data will be collected by the GDXF and will be reported electronically to the DXpedition's QSL manager. The QSL manager verifies the data, completes the cards and sends them as a bundle to the GDXF Secretary who will manage the distribution in Germany.
b. GDXF Processing
  As in case (a), GDXF will collect and report QSO data from GDXF members and will send them for confirmation to the DXpedition's QSL manager. In the case of existing machine-readable files (e.g. lists on homepages etc.) the confirmation will be done by the GDXF. The DXpedition's QSL manager sends a sufficient number of blank cards which will be confirmed and distributed by the GDXF Secretary. Unused cards will be send back.
c. Classic QSLing
  Neither of the above methods will be accepted. This would result in a belated treatment and, possibly, could influence the decision of the Board of Directors.
by Dr. Lutz D. Schmadel, DK8UH, Secretary GDXF
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