German DX Foundation - GDXF
Mailing List

Mailing List

The purpose of the GDXF mailing list is to exchange information between the GDXF members. You are not yet a GDXF member? It's time! > Apply for Membership


GDXF members can easily subscribe to the mailing list by sending an email to No email subject or text in the email body is necessary. An alternative is the subscription web form at if you are already member of You will receive a confirmation email of the subscription request within a minute or two. You must reply to this message and click on the link in this message in order to actually join the GDXF mailing list. The reply ensures that your email address is correct and it protects you in case the request was forged in your name. If you did not request to join the mailing list or don't want to, then ignore the message.

You are usually admitted to the group pretty fast by the group administrator if you are a GDXF member.


To unsubscribe from the GDXF Mailing List, simply send an email to


In order to post messages to the group send an email to This works only if you are a member of the GDXF mailing list and!

The group's message archive can be viewed through your web browser at

We hope you will enjoy participating in this list!