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GDXF Trophy Best DXpedition

GDXF Trophy Best DXpedition 2023

The Board of Directors of the GDXF has decided to award the best DXpedition of the year 2023 with a Trophy. We include only those DXpeditions that were supported by the GDXF in 2023. Poll deadline will be on April 30, 2024. The results will be published on this page on May 1st, 2024.

Thank you for your participation!

Which three DXpeditions have been the best DXpeditions of the year 2023:

You can vote for a maximum of three different DXpeditions.

 DXpedition #1  DXpedition #2  DXpedition #3  Location
3B7M 3B7M 3B7M  Saint Brandon by OK6DJ & Czech DXpedition Group 
3D2LYC 3D2LYC 3D2LYC  Yanuca Atoll OC-189 by VE3LYC 
3Y0J 3Y0J 3Y0J  Bouvet Island by International Group 
5W0LM 5W0LM 5W0LM  Samoa by 9A7Y, 9A2NY, S50B & 9A3MR 
5X3K 5X3K 5X3K  Uganda by Czech DXpedition Team 
7O8AD & 7O8AE 7O8AD & 7O8AE 7O8AD & 7O8AE  Yemen by LA7GIA & HA5DDX 
9Q2WX 9Q2WX 9Q2WX  Dem. Rep. of Congo by OK2WX 
9U4WX & 9U5R 9U4WX & 9U5R 9U4WX & 9U5R  Burundi by OK2WX & IV3FSG 
CY0S CY0S CY0S  Sable Island 
E51CIK & E51WEG E51CIK & E51WEG E51CIK & E51WEG  Rarotonga DXpedition by SP6CIK & SP9FIH 
E6AF & E6CI E6AF & E6CI E6AF & E6CI  Niue DXpedition by SP9FIH & SP6CIK 
E6AM E6AM E6AM  Niue by LZ1GC & LZ1ON 
FT8WW FT8WW FT8WW  Crozet Island by F6CUK 2022/12-2023/03 
H44MI H44MI H44MI  Malaita Isl. by DL2GMI 
MM0UKI MM0UKI MM0UKI  Isle of Rockall, EU-189, by DL8JJ & G0VJG 
PR0T PR0T PR0T  Trindade Isl. by Brazilian Team 
T2C T2C T2C  Tuvalu by DL7VEE & Team 
TN8K TN8K TN8K  Congo by OK6DJ & Czech DXpedition Group 
TO8FH TO8FH TO8FH  Mayotte Isl. by F6KOP-Team 
TX7L TX7L TX7L  Marquesas Isl Hiva Oa OC-027 by French Group 
V62P & V62S V62P & V62S V62P & V62S  Pulap OC-155 & Satawal OC-299 by VE3LYC 
V6EU V6EU V6EU  Micronesia by DF4GV, DK2AMM, DL2AMD & DL2AWG 
VU7W VU7W VU7W  Lakshadweep Islands by YL2GM 
W8S W8S W8S  Swains Island (OC-200) International Team 
ZD9W ZD9W ZD9W  Tristan du Cunha by Yuris, YL2GM 
ZL7/SP5EAQ ZL7/SP5EAQ ZL7/SP5EAQ  Chatham Island by SP5EAQ 

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