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GDXF Trophy Best DXpedition

GDXF Trophy Best DXpedition 2018

The Board of Directors of the GDXF has decided to award the best DXpedition of the year 2018 with a Trophy. It will be awarded at this year's Ham Radio in Friedrichshafen at the DX Forum. We include only those DXpeditions that were supported by the GDXF in 2018. Poll deadline will be on April 30, 2019. The results will be published on this page on May 1st, 2019.

Thank you for your participation!

73 Franz, DJ9ZB

Which three DXpeditions have been the best DXpeditions of the year 2018:

You can vote for a maximum of three different DXpeditions.

 DXpedition #1  DXpedition #2  DXpedition #3  Location
3B7A 3B7A 3B7A  St. Brandon by French Team 
3C3W, 3C0W 3C3W, 3C0W 3C3W, 3C0W  Equatorial Guinea and Annobon I. (YL1ZF YL2GM YL2KL) 
5W0GC, YJ0GC 5W0GC, YJ0GC 5W0GC, YJ0GC  Samoa (LZ1GC) & Vanuatu (LZ1GC OM5ZW OK2WM) 
6O6O 6O6O 6O6O  Somalia by LA7GIA KO8SCA 
EP6RRC EP6RRC EP6RRC  Iran (AS-189 new) by Russian Robinson Club 
H40D, H44R, H44R/P H40D, H44R, H44R/P H40D, H44R, H44R/P  Three IOTAs by VE3LYC 
KH1/KH7Z KH1/KH7Z KH1/KH7Z  Baker Island by Dateline DX Association 
RT65KI RT65KI RT65KI  Idlidlya Island (AS-065) (UA3AKO UA0KBG RA3AV) 
TX0M, TX0A TX0M, TX0A TX0M, TX0A  Morane & Maria Est Atoll new IOTAs (VE3LYC KO8SCA) 
V6J V6J V6J  Satawan Atoll (OC-254) by JA Team 
VK5CE/6 VK5CE/6 VK5CE/6  Different IOTA activations by VK5CE 
VK5MAV/9 VK5MAV/9 VK5MAV/9  Cato Reef (OC-265) by VK5MAV 
VP6D VP6D VP6D  Ducie Island, International Team 
XR0YD XR0YD XR0YD  Easter Island by German Team 

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