German DX Foundation - GDXF
Essentials for the Support of a DXpedition

GDXF conditions of support for DXpeditions

The German DX Foundation (GDXF) was established in 1996 to support HF DX activities on all bands and major modes to rare countries around the world. Above all, DXCC and IOTA activities are considered worthy of support, provided they are high in the ranking of the Most Wanted DXCC lists of Central Europe or the Most Wanted IOTA Groups and offer at least two main operating modes. This support is proposed through the granting of a financial contribution or through personal, instrumental or logistical help from the Foundation by the Advisory Board of the GDXF and made by the Board of Directors. According to the GDXF guidelines, all organizers of a DXpedition who want financial or other support for their project must apply in writing by using our DXpedition support application form and at the same time declare their consent to the most important basic rules of the GDXF:

1. GDXF logo, Expedition report

The GDXF only supports DX activities if their organizers are willing to reproduce our logo on their QSL cards, websites etc. In special cases it is sufficient to mention the support in another form, which has to be approved by the GDXF secretary. The QSL card must be provided in paper form or electronically for the GDXF archive. DXpeditions supported by the GDXF undertake to send an illustrated report to the GDXF secretary no later than two months after the end of the expedition. QSO statistic and a picture are sufficient for small expeditions. The GDXF must be mentioned as a sponsor in all published reports and presentations.

2. QSL practice, GDXF QSL Service

The organizers of expeditions who apply for GDXF support guarantee that all incoming inquiries for paper QSLs via OQRS, direct, bureau with sufficient return postage will soon be answered in the same way. As long as eQSL confirmations are not evaluated by the ARRL for the DXCC, they are not supported by the GDXF. All conceivable forms of discrimination based on political, racist or other reasons will in no case be accepted by the GDXF. A timely upload of the log to Club Log and upload of the entire log to LoTW at the latest 6 months after the end of DXPedition are desirable. A quick and uncomplicated provision of QSL cards for GDXF members has a high priority. The procedure for the GDXF-QSL service is simple. The GDXF sends the collected electronic QSO data of the interested members for the supported expedition to their QSL manager. He sends all QSL cards in a package to the GDXF's QSL service, from where they are immediately distributed to the members by letter.

3. Application

Since 2021, DXCC entitise with a ranking of no more than the 125th place according to the current DARC / GDXF Most Wanted DXCC list in CW, Phone or Digital have been eligible for funding. IOTA expeditions are entitled to support from the GDXF if they are sought in the current Most Wanted IOTA Groups list by at least 80 % of the participants. The current MW lists are available on the GDXF webpage. The payment of a confirmed support is only promised at the beginning of the DXPedition. If this does not take place, all funds already transferred must be repaid.

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Secretary of GDXF
March 2021