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You can submit your QSO data here for DXpeditions with whom the GDXF has agreed upon a QSL Service. The GDXF QSL Service is available only for GDXF members. Your current GDXF QSL Service Account Balance can alway be queried here.

For security and privacy reasons you need to enter a valid PIN in this online form. This PIN is assigned once and can be used for any further Online QSL Service request. Abuse of the Online QSL Service is protocolled.

When using the online form for the first time, please check the PIN checkbox below. The PIN is then sent automatically and immediately to your e-mail address if it is registered in our members database. After receiving your mail with the PIN please enter it here.

Questions and support

  • Responsible for the QSL Service is Gary, DF2RG:
  • Should we have no or an obsolete e-mail address of you, please send an e-mail to our membership accountant Stefan, DL6GV:
  • For all technical questions please contact Bernd, DF3CB:

Step 1 of 5

Now choose the DXpedition call for the QSL Service. Data can be entered until the expiration date expires. After that no more data can be entered.

All further steps are explained on the following pages of the online form.

Choose Status QSL Service for Note from to Deadline
ongoing CB0ZA Juan Fernandez Isl. by International Team 10.02.2024 24.02.2024 10.03.2024
ongoing CB0ZEW Juan Fernandez Isl. by International Team 10.02.2024 24.02.2024 10.03.2024
ongoing CB0ZW Juan Fernandez Isl. by International Team (unter Vorbehalt) 10.02.2024 24.02.2024 10.03.2024
ongoing 8R7X Guyana DXpedition 2024 by DK6SP, DJ4MX, HA8RT & M0SDV 13.02.2024 25.02.2024 10.03.2024
ongoing FW8GC Wallis & Futuna by LZ1GC 19.02.2024 09.03.2024 24.03.2024
ongoing TX8GC Wallis & Futuna by LZ1GC & LZ5QZ 19.02.2024 09.03.2024 24.03.2024
ongoing AU2RS Nachugunta Island, AS-199 23.02.2024 25.02.2024 10.03.2024
  planned FK/LZ1GC New Caledonia by LZ1GC 10.03.2024 18.03.2024 31.03.2024
  planned FK/LZ5QZ New Caledonia by LZ5QZ 10.03.2024 18.03.2024 31.03.2024

Waiting for QSL cards delivery:

QSL Service for Note from to
TO8FH Mayotte Isl. by F6KOP-Team 10.10.2023 22.10.2023
V62S Satawal Atoll OC-299 by Cezar, VE3LYC 13.11.2023 22.11.2023
XW4DX Laos by F2DX, F4BKV, F4HAU, F5PTM & F8AVK 16.11.2023 27.11.2023
V62P Pulap Atoll OC-155 by Cezar, VE3LYC 24.11.2023 30.11.2023
ZD7Z St. Helena Isl. by Elvira, IV3FSG 16.01.2024 04.02.2024
TX5S Clipperton Isl. by Perseverance DX Group 17.01.2024 02.02.2024
7O2WX Socotra Isl., Yemen, by Vladimir, OK2WX 25.01.2024 12.02.2024

Your call sign:  
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