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You can submit your QSO data here for DXpeditions with whom the GDXF has agreed upon a QSL Service. The GDXF QSL Service is available only for GDXF members. Your current GDXF QSL Service Account Balance can alway be queried here.

For security and privacy reasons you need to enter a valid PIN in this online form. This PIN is assigned once and can be used for any further Online QSL Service request. Abuse of the Online QSL Service is protocolled.

When using the online form for the first time, please check the PIN checkbox below. The PIN is then sent automatically and immediately to your e-mail address if it is registered in our members database. After receiving your mail with the PIN please enter it here.

Step 1 of 5

Now choose the DXpedition call for the QSL Service. Data can be entered before the expiration date expires. After that no more data can be entered.

All further steps are explained on the following pages of the online form.

Choose Status QSL Service for Note from to Deadline
ongoing VK5CE/6   Rottnest Island (OC-164)   02.06.2018   02.06.2018   30.06.2018
ongoing VK5CE/6   East Lewis Island (OC-199)   04.06.2018   08.06.2018   30.06.2018
ongoing VK5CE/6   Direction Island (OC-140)   09.06.2018   11.06.2018   30.06.2018
ongoing VK5CE/6   Cheyne Island (OC-193)   15.06.2018   18.06.2018   30.06.2018
ongoing VK5CE/6   Woody Island (OC-170)   20.06.2018   23.06.2018   30.06.2018
  planned KH1/KH7Z   Baker Island (OC-089)   27.06.2018   06.07.2018   13.07.2018
  planned VK5CE/6   St Peter Island (OC-220)   27.06.2018   29.06.2018   03.07.2018
  planned VP6D   Ducie Island (OC-182)   19.10.2018   03.11.2018   10.11.2018

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