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DXpedition Reports

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Please check out our DXPedition Reports page occasionally. New reports are continously added for DXpeditions the GDXF has supported.

All reports open as PDF in a new browser tab. The reports are either in English or German language.

2018 Destination Language
3B7A St. Brandon English
3D2EU Rotuma German
6O6O Somalia by LA7GIA KO8SCA English
KH1/KH7Z Baker Island English
VK5CE/6 VK IOTA Tour 2018 by VK5CE English
VK5MAV/9 Cato Reef (OC-265) by VK5MAV English
2017 Destination Language
5L3BI Baiyah Island (AF-111) - had to be aborted English
H40GC Temotu by LZ1GC English
R71RRC Arakamchechen Island (AS-071) English
S21ZED, S21ZEE Bangladesh English
T2AQ, T2QR Tuvalu by SP5EAQ and SP7DQR English
V6J Mwokil Island (OC-226) English
VK5CE/8 North Island (OC-198) by VK5CE English
VK9AR Ashmore Reef (OC-216) by VK5CE AD5EB AD5A English
VK9MA Mellish Reef English
VK9MAV Marion Reef (OC-267) by VK5MAV English
VP6EU Pitcairn Island German
XX9D Macao German
2016 Destination Language
3C7A Equatorial Guinea by LA7GIA English
A91HI Hawar Islands (AS-202) English
EP2A Iran English
FT4JA Juan de Nova English
H40GC Temotu by LZ1GC English
K5P Palmyra 2016 English
TX7EU Marquesas Islands (OC-027) German
VK0EK Heard Island English
VK5MAV/6 Viney Island (OC-266) by VK5MAV English
VP8SGI South Georgia Island (AN-007) English
VP8STI South Sandwich Islands (AN-009) English
ZL9A Antipodes Isl. (OC-286, new) English
2015 Destination Language
3W3MD Vietnam, Cham Island (AS-162) English
E30FB Eritrea German
EP6T Iran, Kish Island (AS-166) English
K1N Navassa Island English
S79C Coetivy Island / Seychelles AF-119 (new) English
T2GC Tuvala by LZ1GC and OM5ZW English
V73D Marshall Islands by DL Team German
VK9WA Willis Island (OC-007) English
VY0M, VY0/VE3LYC Cornwall Isl. (NA-009) and Melville Isl. (NA-248) English
YF1AR/8 YF1AR/8 IOTA Tour English
2014 Destination Language
C21GC Nauru by LZ1GC English
CW5F Isla Timoteo Domí­nguez (SA-057) by CX-Team English
KH8/DL2AWG - DL6JGN American Samoa German
PJ7PK Pelikan Key (NA-247) English
RI0X Karaginsky Isl. (AS-064) German
T30D Western Kiribati German
TX4A Matthew Island (OC-218) English
VK6ISL Sandy Islet (OC-294) English
VK9MT Mellish Reef English
YB4IR/P Enggano Island (OC-204) English
YF1AR/8 Goram Island (OC-273) English
YJ0X Vanuatu English
ZK3Q, ZK3E Tokelau by SP5EAQ and SP5ES English
ZL7/OE2SNL Chatham Island by OE2SNL German
2013 Destination Language
3D2GC, 3D2DD Fiji and Rotuma English
5J0R San Andres by International Team English
5W0M Samoa by German Team German
C82DX Mozambique English
H44G, H40T Solomon Islands, Temotu German
HQ8D, HQ3W, HQ3S HR IOTA Tour English
K9W Wake Island English
TX5K Clipperton Island English
VK5CE/4 Red Island (OC-255) English
VK5CE/P Flinders Island (OC-261) by VK5CE English
XZ1J Myanmar English
ZK3N Tokelau by DL2AWG and DL6JGN German
2012 Destination Language
3D2C Conway Reef English
CY9M St. Paul Island English
TN2T Congo by ON-Team and PA3EWP English
YB8Y Ohoi Ew-Kei Islands (OC-221) English
ZL9HR Campbell Island English
2011 Destination Language
TJ9PF Cameroon English
VK9HR Lord Howe English
VP8ORK South Orkney Islands English
2010 Destination Language
5V7TT Togo by Italian DXpedition Team English
9L0W Sierra Leone - Banana Island German
A25 DXpedition A Texan and Italian trip to Botswana English
CK8G Arctic adventure: Greens Island (NA-182) English
E4X Palestine English
PJ4N, PJ4I Bonaire by DJ8NK and DL9USA German
PJ7E Sint Maarten English
TO7ZG St.Barthélemy by DJ7ZG und DL7AFS German
TS7TI/P Plane Island AF-091, Kuriat Island AF-092 English
VK9X/G6AY Christmas Island English
2009 Destination Language
FT5GA Glorioso English
K4M Midway Island English
MM0RAI/P The 2009 Expedition - Why it did not happen English
ZK2V Niue Island by ZL1CT English
2008 Destination Language
9L0W Sierra Leone - Das afrikanische Abenteuer German
2007 Destination Language
3C7Y Equatorial Guinea English
5L2MS Liberia by Dutch Team English
BS7H Scarborough Reef English