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DXpedition Reports

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Please check out our DXPedition Reports page occasionally. New reports are continously added for DXpeditions the GDXF has supported.

All reports open as PDF in a new browser tab. The reports are either in English or German language.

Callsign Year Destination Language
3B7A 2018 St. Brandon by French Team English
3C3W, 3C0W 2018 Equatorial Guinea and Annobon by YL1ZF YL2GM YL2KL English
3C7A 2016 Equatorial Guinea (Bisco Isl., AF-010) by LA7GIA English
3C7Y 2007 Equatorial Guinea by EA5BRE EA5YN KH7Y EA5BYP English
3D2AG/P 2022 Rotuma by 3D2AG English
3D2C 2012 Conway Reef, International Team English
3D2EU 2018 Rotuma by DJ9RR DK2AMM DL6JGN PA3EWP German
3D2GC, 3D2DD 2013 Fiji and Rotuma by LZ1GC and 3D2DD English
3W3MD 2015 Cham Island (AS-162) English
3Y0J 2023 Bouvet Island by International Group German
5J0R 2013 San Andres, International Team English
5L2MS 2007 Liberia by PA3A PA8AD PA3AN PA3AWW English
5L3BI 2017 Baiyah Isl./Liberia (AF-111) - had to be aborted English
5V7TT 2010 Togo by Italian DXpedition Team English
5W0GC 2018 Samoa by LZ1GC English
5W0M 2013 Samoa by German Team German
5X3K 2023 Uganda by Czech DXpedition Team English
6O6O 2018 Somalia by LA7GIA KO8SCA English
6O7O 2019 Somalia by LA7GIA English
7O2WX 0 Socotra Isl., Yemen, by OK2WX English
9L0W 2008 Sierra Leone by DK2WV German
9L0W 2010 Sierra Leone by DK2WV DJ9AF German
9U4WX + 9U5R 2023 Burundi by OK2WX & IV3FSG English
A25 DXpedition 2010 Botswana by US and Italian Team English
A35EU 2018 Tonga (OC-049) by GM4FDM EI5IX PA3EWP PA4WM English
A35JT 2019 Tonga by VK5-Team English
A91HI 2016 Hawar Isl. (AS-202, new) English
BS7H 2007 Scarbourough Reef, International Team English
C21EU 2015 Nauru by DK2AMM DL2AWG DL6JGN PA3EWP German
C21GC 2014 Nauru by LZ1GC English
C21WW 2019 Nauru by YL2GM YL1ZF YL3JA YL2KA English
C82DX 2013 Mozambique, International Team English
CK8G 2010 Greens Island (NA-182) by VE8EV English
CW5F 2014 Isla Timoteo Domí­nguez (SA-057) 2014 by CX Team English
CY9M 2012 Saint Paul Island, International Team English
D60AE 2022 Comoros by international team (only QSL service, no support) English
E30FB 2015 Eritrea, International Team German
E4X 2010 Palestine, International Team English
E51CIK + E51WEG 0 Rarotonga DXpedition by SP6CIK & SP9FIH English
E51LYC 2017 North Cook (OC-098) by VE3LYC English
E51M 2012 North Cook by DL-Team + PA3EWP + SP3DOI German
E6AF + E6CI 0 Niue DXpedition by SP9FIH & SP6CIK English
E6AM 2023 Niue by LZ1GC and LZ1ON English
E6ET 2019 Niue (OC-040) by 5B4ALX English
EP2A 2016 Iran, International Team English
EP6T 2015 Kish Island, Iran (AS-166), International Team English
FT4JA 2016 Juan de Nova (AF-012) by F and EA Team English
FT5GA 2009 Glorioso Island by French Team English
H40D 2018 Duff Islands (OC-179) by VE3LYC English
H40GC 2016 Temotu Province (OC-100) by LZ1GC English
H40GC 2017 Nendo Isl./Temotu Province (OC-100) by LZ1GC English
H44G, H40T 2013 Solomon Islands and Temotu Province by DL7DF and Crew German
H44R 2018 Russell Islands (OC-168) by VE3LYC English
H44R/P 2018 Florida Islands (OC-158) by VE3LYC English
HQ8D, HQ3W, HQ3S 2013 IOTA NA-160, NA-035, NA-223, International Team English
K1N 2015 Navassa Island, US Team and HA7RY English
K4M 2009 Midway Island, International Team English
K5P 2016 Palmyra (OC-085) by US-Team English
K7TRI 2019 Tillamook Rock (NA-211) by N3QQ VE3LYC VE7NY KO8SCA English
K9W 2013 Wake Island by US-Team English
KH1/KH7Z 2018 Baker Island (OC-089) by Dateline DX Association English
KH8/DL2AWG - DL6JGN 2014 American Samoa by DL2AWG DL6JGN PA3EWP German
MM0RAI/P 2009 Rockall Island - Why it did not happen by ON Team English
P29RO 2022 Loloata Island, OC-240, by DL7VEE & Team German
PJ4N, PJ4I 2010 Bonaire by DJ8NK and DL9USA German
PJ7E 2010 Sint Maarten, International Team English
PJ7PK 2014 Guana Key of Pelikan (NA-247), International Team English
R205NEW 2019 AS-205 (new) Bogoslova Island by Russian Robinson Club English
R26RRC 2019 AS-204 (new) Paramushir Island by Russian Robinson Club English
R71RRC 2017 Arakamchechen Isl. (AS-071) by Russian Robinson Club English
RI0C 2017 Iony Isl. (AS-069) by Russian Robinson Club English
RI0X 2014 Karaginskiy Island (AS-064) by Russian Team German
RT65KI 2018 Idlidlya Island (AS-065) by UA3AKO UA0KBG RA3AV English
S21ZED, S21ZEE 2017 Bangladesh, International Team English
S79C 2015 Coetivy Isl. (AF-119, new) English
T2AQ, T2QR 2017 Tuvalu (OC-015) by SP5EAQ and SP7DQR English
T2C 2023 Tuvalu by DL7VEE & Team German
T2GC 2015 Tuvalu by LZ1GC OM5ZW English
T30D 2014 Western Kiribati, OC-017 by German Team German
T30GC 2019 Western Kiribati by LZ1GC OK2WM LZ3NY English
T30L 2019 Western Kiribati by YL2GM YL1ZF YL3JA YL2KA English
T31EU 2019 Kanton Island, Central Kiribati by DL/PA-Team German
TJ9PF 2011 Cameroon, International Team English
TN2T 2012 Congo by ON-Team + PA3EWP English
TN8K 2023 Congo by OK6DJ & Czech DXpedition Group English
TO2DL 2022 Guadeloupe by DL team (only QSL service, no support) German
TO7ZG 2010 St. Barthélemy by DL7AFS and DJ7ZG German
TO8FH 2023 Mayotte Isl. by F6KOP-Team English
TS7TI/P 2010 Tunisia - IOTA AF-091 and AF-092 by Italian Team English
TX0A 2018 Maria Est Atoll (OC-113) by VE3LYC KO8SCA English
TX0M 2018 Morane Atoll (OC-297 new) by VE3LYC KO8SCA English
TX0T 2020 Tatakoto Atoll (OC-298 New) by VE3LYC English
TX4A 2014 Matthew Island, New Caledonia (OC-218) by VE3LYC KD1CT English
TX5K 2013 Clipperton Island, International Team English
TX7EU 2016 Marquesas Islands (OC-027) by DK2AMM DL6JGN GM4FDM PA3EWP German
TX7L 2023 Marquesas Isl Hiva Oa OC-027 by French Group English
TX7T 2019 Marquesas Islands (OC-027) by US/VE/F Team English
V6J 2017 Mokil Island (OC-226) by JA Team English
V6J 2018 Satawan Atoll (OC-254) by JA Team English
V73D 2015 Marshall Isl. by DL Team German
VE3LYC/KL7 2016 Cooper Isl. (NA-172) by VE3LYC English
VE3LYC/KL7 2019 Little Diomede Island (NA-150) English
VK0EK 2016 Heard Island (AN-003), International Team English
VK5CE/4 2013 Red Island (OC-255) by VK5CE English
VK5CE/6 2018 Different IOTA activations by VK5CE English
VK5CE/8 2017 North Isl. (OC-198) by VK5CE English
VK5CE/P 2013 Flinders Island (OC-261) by VK5CE English
VK5MAV/6 2016 Viney Isl. (OC-266) by VK5MAV English
VK5MAV/9 2018 Cato Reef (OC-265) by VK5MAV English
VK6ISL 2014 Sandy Islet (OC-294) by VE3LYC PA3EXX VK5CE KD1CT English
VK9AR 2017 Ashmore Reef (OC-216) by VK5CE AD5EB AD5A English
VK9HR 2011 Lord Howe Island by VK team and others English
VK9MA 2017 Mellish Reef, International Team English
VK9MAV 2017 Marion Reef (OC-267) by VK5MAV English
VK9MT 2014 Mellish Reef, International Team English
VK9NC, NE, NG 2019 Norfolk Island (OC-005) by SP7VC SP5EAQ SP5ES English
VK9WA 2015 Willis Island, International Team English
VK9X/G6AY 2010 Christmas Island by G6AY English
VP6D 2018 Ducie Island, International Team English
VP6EU 2017 Pitcairn Island by DJ9HX DK2AMM DL6JGN PA3EWP German
VP6R 2019 Pitcairn Island by International Team English
VP8ORK 2011 South Orkney Islands by Micro-Lite DXpedition Team English
VP8PJ 2020 South Orkney Islands by International Team English
VP8SGI 2016 South Georgia Islands (AN-007), International Team English
VP8STI 2016 South Sandwich Islands (AN-009), International Team English
VY0M, VY0/VE3LYC 2015 Cornwall Is. (NA-009) and Melville Is. (NA-248) by VE3LYC English
W8S 2023 Swains Island (OC-200) International Team German
XR0YD 2018 Easter Island (SA-001) by German Team German
XR0ZRC 2019 Juan Fernandez by Russian Robinson Club English
XX9D 2017 Macao by DL Team German
XX9D 2019 Macao by DL Team German
XZ1J 2013 Myanmar, International Team English
YB4IR/P 2014 Enggano Island (OC-204) by YB4IR English
YB8Y 2012 Ohoiew Kai Island (OC-221) by Indonesian Operators English
YF1AR/8 2014 Gorom Island (OC-273) by YF1AR and YB0AI English
YF1AR/8 2015 9 IOTA Groups OC-070...OC-273 in YB8 English
YJ0GC 2018 Vanuatu (OC-035) by LZ1GC OM5ZW OK2WM English
YJ0X 2014 Vanuatu by The Quake Contesters English
Z66DX 2020 Kosovo by DL Group (only QSL Service) German
ZD9W 2023 Tristan du Cunha by Yuris, YL2GM English
ZK2V 2009 Niue by ZL1CT English
ZK3A 2019 Tokelau (OC-048) by International Team English
ZK3N 2013 Tokelau by DL2AWG and DL6JGN German
ZK3Q, ZK3E 2014 Tokelau by SP5EAQ and SP5ES English
ZL7/K5WE 2022 Chatham Island by K5WE English
ZL7/OE2SNL 2014 Chatham Islands by OE2SNL German
ZL9A 2016 Antipodes Isl. (OC-286, new) English
ZL9HR 2012 Campbell Island, International Team English