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Supported DXpeditions

Supported DXpeditions

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The following 477 DXpeditions or DX and IOTA activities are or have been supported with financial donations by the GDXF over the years. 27 activities have received QSL donations which are shown at the bottom of this page.

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If a DXpedition has provided a DXpedition Report, click on the "Report" link. The PDF opens in a new browser tab. The reports are mostly in English language. Some of them are in German language. All DXpedition reports are shown on the Reports page.

If a DXpedition has made over 30,000 QSOs, it is listed in the GDXF Mega DXpeditions Honor Roll. Click on the "Mega" link to show the DXpedition's record in the Mega DXpeditions Honor Roll. The links open in a new browser tab.

2019 Activity Date QSL Report Mega
E6ET Niue (OC-040) by 5B4ALX 2019-03      
2018 Activity Date QSL Report Mega
YJ0GC Vanuatu (OC-035) by LZ1GC 2018-10      
VP6D Ducie Island by International Team 2018-10      
5W0GC Samoa by LZ1GC 2018-09      
RT65KI Idlidlya Island (AS-065) by UA3AKO UA0KBG RA3AV 2018-08      
V6J Satawan Atoll (OC-254) by JA Team 2018-07      
VK5CE/6 Different IOTA activations by VK5CE 2018-06 QSL Report  
KH1/KH7Z Baker Island (OC-089) by Dateline DX Association 2018-06 QSL Report Mega
3B7A St. Brandon by French Team 2018-04 QSL Report Mega
H44R/P Florida Islands (OC-158) by VE3LYC 2018-04      
H40D Duff Islands (OC-179) by VE3LYC 2018-04      
H44R Russell Islands (OC-168) by VE3LYC 2018-04      
VK5MAV/9 Cato Reef (OC-265) by VK5MAV 2018-04 QSL Report  
XR0YD Easter Island (SA-001) by German Team 2018-03 QSL   Mega
3C3W, 3C0W Equatorial Guinea and Annobon by YL1ZF YL2GM YL2KL 2018-02 QSL   Mega
3D2EU Rotuma by DJ9RR DK2AMM DL6JGN PA3EWP 2018-02 QSL Report Mega
3Y0Z Bouvet Isl. (AN-002) - had to be aborted 2018-01      
6O6O Somalia by LA7GIA KO8SCA 2018-01 QSL Report  
2017 Activity Date QSL Report Mega
VK9AR Ashmore Reef (OC-216) by VK5CE AD5EB AD5A 2017-11   Report  
VK9MA Mellish Reef by International Team 2017-11 QSL Report Mega
5L3BI Baiyah Isl./Liberia (AF-111) - had to be aborted 2017-11   Report  
3C0L, 3C1L Annobon and Equatorial Guinea by YL2GM YL3AIW 2017-10 QSL   Mega
VK5CE/8 North Isl. (OC-198) by VK5CE 2017-10 QSL Report  
H40GC Nendo Isl./Temotu (OC-100) by LZ1GC 2017-10 QSL Report  
V6J Mokil Island (OC-226) by JA Team 2017-07 QSL Report  
RI0C Iony Isl. (AS-069) by Russian Robinson Club 2017-07 QSL    
VK9MAV Marion Reef (OC-267) by VK5MAV 2017-06 QSL Report  
TN5E Congo by LA7GIA 2017-05 QSL    
E51LYC North Cook (OC-098) by VE3LYC 2017-05 QSL    
VK5CE/7 Bruny Isl. (OC-233) 2017-04      
R71RRC Arakamchechen Isl. (AS-071) by Russian Robinson Club 2017-04 QSL Report  
T2AQ, T2QR Tuvalu (OC-015) by SP5EAQ and SP7DQR 2017-03 QSL Report  
S21ZED, S21ZEE Bangladesh by International Team 2017-03 QSL Report Mega
VP6EU Pitcairn Island by DJ9HX DK2AMM DL6JGN PA3EWP 2017-02 QSL Report Mega
XX9D Macao by DL Team 2017-02 QSL Report Mega
A70X Al Safliyah Island (AS-088) 2017-01 QSL    
2016 Activity Date QSL Report Mega
TL8AO Central African Republic by LA7GIA 2016-11 QSL    
H40GC Temotu (OC-100) by LZ1GC 2016-10 QSL Report  
VK9NZ Norfolk Island 2016-09 QSL    
H44GC Solomon Islands (OC-047) by LZ1GC 2016-09 QSL    
VK5MAV/6 Viney Isl. (OC-266) by VK5MAV 2016-09   Report  
VE3LYC/KL7 Cooper Isl. (NA-172) by VE3LYC 2016-08 QSL    
CY9C St. Paul Island 2016-08 QSL   Mega
R23RRC Ptichyy Isl. (AS-091) by Russian Robinson Club 2016-08      
UE23RRC/P Paramushir Isl. (AS-025) by Russian Robinson Club 2016-08      
UE23RRC Kambalnyy Isl. (AS-142) by Russian Robinson Club 2016-08      
RT92KA Alyumka Isl. (AS-092) 2016-04 QSL    
EP2A Iran by International Team 2016-04 QSL Report Mega
A91HI Hawar Isl. (AS-202, new) 2016-04 QSL Report  
FT4JA Juan de Nova Isl. (AF-012) by F and EA Team 2016-03 QSL Report Mega
3C7A Equatorial Guinea (Bisco Isl., AF-010) by LA7GIA 2016-03 QSL Report  
VK0EK Heard Island (AN-003) by International Team 2016-03 QSL Report Mega
TX7EU Nuku Hiva, Marquesas Islands (OC-027) by DK2AMM DL6JGN GM4FDM PA3EWP 2016-03 QSL Report Mega
VP8SGI South Georgia Island (AN-007) by International Team 2016-01 QSL Report Mega
ZL9A Antipodes Isl. (OC-286, new) 2016-01 QSL Report  
VP8STI South Sandwich Islands (AN-009) by International Team 2016-01 QSL Report Mega
K5P Palmyra (OC-085) by US-Team 2016-01 QSL Report Mega
2015 Activity Date QSL Report Mega
VK9WA Willis Island by International Team 2015-11 QSL Report Mega
S79C Coetivy Isl. (AF-119, new) 2015-11 QSL Report  
V73D Marshall Isl. by DL Team 2015-10 QSL Report Mega
TX3X Chesterfield Isl. 2015-10 QSL   Mega
3W3MD Cham Island (AS-162) 2015-10 QSL Report Mega
T2GC Tuvalu by LZ1GC OM5ZW 2015-09 QSL Report Mega
VY0M, VY0/VE3LYC Cornwall Is. (NA-009) and Melville Is. (NA-248) by VE3LYC 2015-08 QSL Report  
VU4A, VU4I Andaman Isl. 2015-03 QSL    
C21EU Nauru by DK2AMM DL2AWG DL6JGN PA3EWP 2015-03 QSL Report  
E30FB Eritrea by International Team 2015-03 QSL Report Mega
K1N Navassa Island by International Team 2015-02 QSL Report Mega
TI9/3Z9DX Cocos Island 2015-02 QSL    
3G0ZC Juan Fernandez Islands 2015-02 QSL   Mega
EP6T Kish Island (AS-166) by International Team 2015-01 QSL Report Mega
YF1AR/8 9 IOTA Groups OC-070...OC-273 in YB8 2015   Report  
2014 Activity Date QSL Report Mega
CE0Z/CE5WQO Juan Fernandez, SA-005 by CE5WQO 2014-11 QSL    
PJ7PK Guana Key of Pelikan (NA-247) by International Team 2014-11 QSL Report  
VU4KV, VU4CB Andaman, AS-001 and Nicobar, AS-033 by International Team 2014-11 QSL    
5W0AF, 5W0AG Samoa by SP5EAQ and SP5ES 2014-10 QSL    
T30D Western Kiribati, OC-017 by German Team 2014-10 QSL Report Mega
ZK3Q, ZK3E Tokelau by SP5EAQ and SP5ES 2014-10 QSL Report  
VK9DLX Lord Howe Island by Lagunaria DX Group 2014-10 QSL   Mega
C21GC Nauru by LZ1GC 2014-10 QSL Report  
YJ0X Vanuatu by The Quake Contesters 2014-10 QSL Report  
FT4TA Tromelin Island by French Team 2014-10 QSL   Mega
TX4A Matthew Island (OC-218) by VE3LYC - KD1CT 2014-09 QSL Report  
YB4IR/8 Obi Island (OC-222) by YB4IR 2014-09 QSL    
RI0X Karaginskiy Island (AS-064) by Russian Team 2014-09 QSL Report  
VK6ISL Sandy Islet (OC-294) by VE3LYC - PA3EXX - VK5CE - KD1CT 2014-09 QSL Report  
YB4IR/5 Tambelan Island (OC-122) by YB4IR 2014-08 QSL    
KH8/DL2AWG - DL6JGN American Samoa by DL2AWG DL6JGN PA3EWP 2014-04 QSL Report  
YB4IR/5 Natuna Island (OC-106) by YB4IR 2014-03      
YB3MM/8, YF1AR/8 Wangi-Wangi Island (OC-219) by YB3MM and YF1AR 2014-03 QSL    
YB4IR/P Enggano Island (OC-204) by YB4IR 2014-03 QSL Report  
ZL7/OE2SNL Chatham Islands by OE2SNL 2014-03 QSL Report  
VK9MT Mellish Reef by International Team 2014-03 QSL Report Mega
4S7DFG 4S7FRG 4S7LXG Sri Lanka by DL7DF and Crew 2014-03 QSL   Mega
FT5ZM Amsterdam Island by International Team 2014-01 QSL   Mega
YF1AR/8 Gorom Island (OC-273) by YF1AR and YB0AI 2014-01   Report  
2013 Activity Date QSL Report Mega
YB4IR/8, YF1AR/8 Kisar Island (OC-272) by YB4IR and YF1AR 2013-12 QSL    
N8A American Samoa by international Team 2013-11 QSL    
XZ1J Myanmar by International Team 2013-11 QSL Report Mega
YB8V Banda Island (OC-157) by YB-Team 2013-11 QSL    
T33A Banaba Island by International Team 2013-11 QSL   Mega
XR0ZR Juan Fernandez Islands by International Team 2013-11 QSL   Mega
5J0R San Andres by International Team 2013-11 QSL Report Mega
K9W Wake Island by US-Team 2013-11 QSL Report Mega
VK5CE/4 Red Island (OC-255) by VK5CE 2013-10 QSL Report  
YB9Y Mapia Islands (OC-276) by YB-Team 2013-10 QSL    
C82DX Mozambique by International Team 2013-10 QSL Report  
3D2GC, 3D2DD Fiji and Rotuma by LZ1GC and 3D2DD 2013-09 QSL Report  
VK5CE/P Flinders Island (OC-261) by VK5CE 2013-08 QSL Report  
HQ8D, HQ3W, HQ3S IOTA NA-160, NA-035, NA-223 by International Team 2013-06 QSL Report  
YE8B Banggai Islands (OC-208) by YB-Team 2013-04      
5W0M Samoa by German Team 2013-04 QSL Report Mega
ZK3N Tokelau by DL2AWG and DL6JGN 2013-04 QSL Report  
TX5K Clipperton Island by International Team 2013-03 QSL Report Mega
H44G, H40T Solomon Islands and Temotu by DL7DF and Crew 2013-03 QSL Report Mega
LU6W Escondida Is. (SA-096) by International Team 2013-01 QSL    
2012 Activity Date QSL Report Mega
ZL9HR Campbell Island by International Team 2012-11 QSL Report Mega
PT0S St. Peter and St. Paul by Araucaria DX Group and TX3A Team 2012-11 QSL   Mega
P29NI... Papua New Guinea (IOTA-DXpn) by International Team 2012-10 QSL    
T30PY Western Kiribati by PY-Team 2012-10 QSL   Mega
TT8TT Chad by Italian DXpedition Team 2012-10 QSL   Mega
3D2C Conway Reef by International Team 2012-09 QSL Report Mega
NH8S Swains Island by International Team 2012-09 QSL   Mega
D64K Comoros by Italian DXpedition Team 2012-08 QSL   Mega
CY9M St. Paul Island by International Team 2012-07 QSL Report Mega
7O6T Yemen, Socotra Island (AF-028) by International Team 2012-05 QSL   Mega
6O0CW Somalia by Italian DXpedition Team 2012-05 QSL   Mega
YB8Y Ohoiew Kai Island (OC-221) by Indonesian Operators 2012-03   Report  
3C0E Annobon by EA5BYP and EA5KM 2012-03 QSL    
E51M North Cook by DL-Team + PA3EWP + SP3DOI 2012-03 QSL   Mega
A35YZ Tonga by DL7DF and Crew 2012-03 QSL   Mega
C21HA Nauru by HA5AO and HA5UK 2012-02 QSL   Mega
FW0R Wallis & Futuna Islands by HA0NAR,HA0SR,HG0LEO 2012-02      
ZK2C Niue by DL-Team 2012-02 QSL   Mega
VP6T Pitcairn Island by International Team 2012-01 QSL   Mega
HK0NA Malpelo Island by International Team 2012-01 QSL   Mega
TN2T Congo by ON-Team + PA3EWP 2012-01 QSL Report Mega
2011 Activity Date QSL Report Mega
CE4A Chile - Pupuya Is. SA-095 by VE3LYC 2011-11 QSL    
9L0W Sierra Leone by German Team 2011-11 QSL    
9N0MD Nepal by 15 Ops. 2011-11      
C21AA Nauru by VK4AN NL8F NJ7N VK4FW 2011-11      
TX7M, TX5A Marquesas by International Team 2011-10 QSL   Mega
3XY1D Guinea by DL7DF and Crew 2011-10 QSL   Mega
ZK2V, ZK2X Niue by GM3WOJ and GM4YXI 2011-10 QSL    
TL0CW Central African Republic by DK7PE 2011-10 QSL    
MM0RAI/P Rockall Island by ON Team 2011-10 QSL    
T33HA etc. Tuvalu, W. Kiribati, Banaba Isl., Fiji by HA5AO and HA5UK 2011-10      
3D2R Rotuma by International Team 2011-09 QSL   Mega
T32C Christmas Island by 40 OPs (Five Star DXers Association) 2011-09 QSL   Mega
4W6A Timor-Leste by 9M6DXX 9M6XRO M0URX MW0JZE VK8DX VK8NSB 2011-09 QSL   Mega
JX5O Jan Mayen by 8 Ops. 2011-07      
ST0R South Sudan by International Team 2011-07 QSL   Mega
VK9HR Lord Howe Island by VK team and others 2011-07 QSL Report  
T31A Kanton Island by International Team 2011-04 QSL   Mega
VU4PB Andaman Island by VU-Team (ARSI) 2011-03 QSL   Mega
4A4A Revilla Gigedo by EA + XE Team 2011-03 QSL   Mega
9N7AN, 9N7WL Nepal by German Team 2011-03 QSL    
VK9C/G6AY Cocos-Keeling by G3SWH, G3RTE 2011-02 QSL    
TJ9PF Cameroon by International Team 2011-02 QSL Report Mega
S9DX Sao Tome & Principe by German Team 2011-02 QSL   Mega
CE9/VE3LYC CE9/PA3EXX Chile IOTA SA-031 and SA-097 by VE3LYC PA3EXX 2011-01 QSL    
VP8ORK South Orkney Islands by Micro-Lite DXpedition Team 2011-01 QSL Report Mega
2010 Activity Date QSL Report Mega
9Q50ON Congo by ON + PA Team 2010-12 QSL   Mega
ZL8X Kermadec Islands by German Team + others 2010-11 QSL   Mega
9L0W Sierra Leone by DK2WV DJ9AF 2010-11 QSL Report  
C50C, C5A The Gambia by OK and OM OPs 2010-11 QSL    
ZK2A, VK9NN Niue and Norfolk Island by International Team 2010-11 QSL    
XV4SP Vietnam by DL7DF 2010-11      
TO7ZG St. Barthélemy by DL7AFS and DJ7ZG 2010-10 QSL Report  
PJ4N, PJ4I Bonaire by DJ8NK and DL9USA 2010-10 QSL Report  
OX/DL2VFR and OX/DL1RTL OX/DL2SWW OX/DF9TM Greenland 2010-10 QSL    
XX9TLX Macao by DK7LX 2010-10 QSL    
5V7TT Togo by Italian DXpedition Team 2010-10 QSL Report Mega
A25 DXpedition Botswana by US and Italian Team 2010-10 QSL Report  
PJ7E Sint Maarten by International Team 2010-10 QSL Report Mega
9U0A Burundi by DL7DF and Crew 2010-10 QSL   Mega
9X0SP Rwanda by DL7DF and Crew 2010-10 QSL    
TS7TI/P Tunisia - IOTA AF-091 and AF-092 by Italian Team 2010-09 QSL Report  
VY0X Ulituqisalik Is. (NA-208) by VE3LYC 2010-08 QSL    
OH9AA/P Finland EU-126 Syvaletto Is. by DJ3XG DL5ME and others 2010-08      
S79BWW Seychelles by CT1BWW 2010-07 QSL    
3C0C Annobon by EA5BYP and EA5KM 2010-06 QSL    
PX8J, PX8L Brazil - IOTA by PY-Team 2010-06 QSL    
MS0INT Flannan Is., Scotland (EU-118) by EA, F, GM, SM OPs 2010-06 QSL    
E4X Palestine by International Team 2010-05 QSL Report Mega
TS8P Tunisia IOTA AF-092 by Italian Team 2010-05 QSL    
CK8G Greens Island (NA-182) by VE8EV 2010-04 QSL Report  
3W6C Vietnam by HB9-Team 2010-04 QSL    
VY0V East Pen Is. (NA-231) by VE3LYC 2010-03      
J5NAR Guinea-Bissau by HA0NAR 2010-02 QSL    
TX3D Austral Islands by DL1AWI, DL3APO, DL5XU 2010-02 QSL    
5Z0H Kenya by Italian Team 2010-02      
V88/DL7JAN Brunei by DL7JAN 2010-02 QSL    
VK9X/G6AY Christmas Island by G6AY 2010-02 QSL Report  
YJ0MM Vanuatu by 9A-Team 2010-01      
6W/HA0NAR Senegal by HA0NAR 2010-01 QSL    
2009 Activity Date QSL Report Mega
XR0Y Easter Island by International Team 2009-11 QSL    
XV4D Vietnam by DL7DF and Crew 2009-11 QSL    
9G5XX, 9G5TT Ghana by Italian DXpedition Team 2009-11 QSL    
VK9XW, VK9XX Christmas Island by German Team 2009-11 QSL    
5W0AP CF WL IW NM Samoa by International Team 2009-11 QSL    
A31A Tonga by International Team 2009-11 QSL    
OX/EA4NA Greenland by EA-Team 2009-11      
3D20CR Conway Reef by German Team + PA3EWP 2009-10 QSL   Mega
K4M Midway Island by International Team 2009-10 QSL Report Mega
J79ZG Dominica by DL7AFS+DJ7ZG 2009-10 QSL    
FT5GA Glorioso by French Team 2009-09 QSL Report Mega
VY0O Gilmour Is. (NA-230) by VE3LYC 2009-09      
T2G Tuvalu by PG5M 2009-09 QSL    
C21TI Nauru by International Team 2009-08 QSL    
ZK2V Niue by ZL1CT 2009-05 QSL Report Mega
YE7M Payongpayongang Island (OC-268) by Indonesian Team 2009-05      
TI7KK Murcielago Islands (NA-191) by DL Group and TI7WGI 2009-04 QSL    
C91FC Mozambique by ON/ZS-Team 2009-04 QSL    
5C2B/2J/2P/2S CN8QY Morocco - IOTA AF-068 by Italian Team 2009-04 QSL    
AT9RS Grandi Isl., India (AS-177) by DL4KQ + Indian Team 2009-04      
VY0A Fox Is. (NA-186) by VE3LYC 2009-04 QSL    
ZL7T Chatham Islands by ZLs 2009-03      
VK9LA Lord Howe Island by Intenational Team 2009-03 QSL   Mega
5H1DF Zansibar Island by DL7DF 2009-02 QSL    
FH/G3SWH Mayotte by G3SWH G3RWL 2009-02      
S79JF Seychelles by DL7JAN 2009-02 QSL    
K5D Desecheo Is. by US-Team 2009-02 QSL   Mega
E44M Palestine by Italian Team 2009-01 QSL    
MM0RAI/P Rockall Island - Why it did not happen by ON Team 2009   Report  
2008 Activity Date QSL Report Mega
AT2RS Nachugunta Isl., India (AS-199) by International Team 2008-12 QSL    
A5100A Bhutan by F2VX F9DK G0LMX F5LMJ 2008-11      
J3/DL7CM, J3/DM2AYO Grenada by DL7CM and DM2AYO 2008-11 QSL    
OA4BHY/2 Peru, Isla Corcovado IOTA SA-075 by DL2JRM DL5YWM OA4BHY 2008-11 QSL    
YW1TI Venezuela by YV-Team 2008-11      
P29VLR, P29NI Papua New Guinea by AD6E G3KHZ CT1AGF K6MYC W5GAI 2008-10 QSL    
9L0W Sierra Leone by DK2WV 2008-10 QSL Report  
VU7SJ Lakshadweep Is by DL9GFB 2008-10 QSL    
VU4RG Andaman Is. by DJ7JC DL5DSM 2008-10 QSL    
ZA0/IK7JWX Albania - IOTA by IK7JWX IK2AQZ I8LWL I8YGZ I0SNY 2008-10      
VK9DWX Willis Island by DL Team 2008-10 QSL   Mega
9L1X Sierra Leone by Italian DXpedition Team 2008-10 QSL   Mega
A25/DL7DF Botswana by DL7DF and Crew 2008-09 QSL    
YW5IOTA Venezuela SA-037 by 4M5DX Group 2008-08      
VO2A Canada IOTA by G3OCA VE3LYC 2008-08      
VK9XWW XHZ XOR XME Christmas Island by CT1BWW EA3GHZ EA5EOR EC5BME 2008-07      
4W6R Timor-Leste by EA-Team 2008-06 QSL    
ZS8T Marion Island by ZS6GCM 2008-04      
J8/DL7AFS, J8/DJ7ZG St. Vincent by DL7AFS and DJ7ZG 2008-03 QSL    
VP2EFB, VP2ENK Anguilla by DL9GFB and DJ8NK 2008-03      
YN2YV Nicaragua by YV5SSB YV5TX 2008-03      
HI8/DL2RNS Dominican Republic by DL2RNS, DL2RVL 2008-03 QSL    
TX5C Clipperton Is. by International Team 2008-03 QSL   Mega
5T5DC Mauritania by DL Team 2008-03 QSL   Mega
TI9KK Cocos Is. by International Team 2008-02 QSL    
VP8DIF South Georgia Island by DL9LB 2008-02 QSL    
8R1PW Guyana by G3SWH G3RTE 2008-02 QSL    
VP6DX Ducie Island by International Team 2008-02 QSL   Mega
OC1I Peru by DL Team 2008-01 QSL    
PZ5YV Suriname by 4M5DX Group 2008-01 QSL    
FO/OH1RX Marquesas Islands by OH Team 2008-01 QSL    
J5C Guinea-Bissau by French Team 2008-01 QSL   Mega
2007 Activity Date QSL Report Mega
OC6I Isla La Leona SA-098 by DL Team 2007-12 QSL    
TN6X, TN9Z Congo by DJ6SI and DJ9ZB 2007-12 QSL    
E4/OM2DX Palestine by OM2DX 2007-12 QSL    
V8FDM V8FWP V8FWU Brunei by F5CWU GM4FDM PA3EWP 2007-11      
YK9SV Arwad Island (AS-186) by SV Team 2007-11      
5L2MS Liberia by PA3A PA8AD PA3AN PA3AWW 2007-10 QSL Report  
3C7Y Equatorial Guinea by EA5BRE EA5YN KH7Y EA5BYP 2007-10 QSL Report  
3B7C St. Brandon by FSDXA 2007-09 QSL   Mega
9U0A Burundi by DL7DF and Crew 2007-09 QSL   Mega
J6/DL7AFS St. Lucia by DL7AFS DJ7ZG DL2ZAE 2007-09      
RK1B/0 Kotlin Island (AS-039) by Russian Team 2007-08      
FS/PJ7 Saint Martin + Sint Maarteen by CT1BWW + EA3GHZ 2007-07      
N8S Swains Island by International Team 2007-04 QSL   Mega
JT1Y Mongolia by Italian Team 2007-04 QSL    
BS7H Scarbourough Reef by International Team 2007-04 QSL Report Mega
TZ1T TZ2T TZ3T TZ4T Mali by ON Team 2007-04 QSL    
6W/DL7CM, DM2AYO, DL6CT Senegal by DL7CM DM2AYO DL6CT 2007-03      
J5UAR Guinea-Bissau by DL7CM DM2AYO DL6CT 2007-03      
J20MM J20RR Djibouti by I2YSB + Team 2007-02 QSL    
YW0DX Aves Is. by YV Team 2007-02 QSL    
9U9Z, 9U0X Burundi by DJ9ZB and DJ6SI 2007-02 QSL    
VK9DNX Norfolk Island by DL Team 2007-02 QSL   Mega
S21XA Bangladesh by EA3BT + Team 2007-01 QSL    
VU7RG, VU7MY Lakshadweep Is. by NIAR and Intenational Team 2007-01 QSL   Mega
XT2C Burkina Faso by French Team 2007-01 QSL   Mega
C6ARI Cay Sal Bank/Bahamas by DL Team 2007-01 QSL    
2006 Activity Date QSL Report Mega
VU7LD Lakshadweep Is. by ARSI 2006-12 QSL   Mega
5A7A Libya by International Team 2006-11 QSL   Mega
7P8JF 7P8DJ 7P8WO Lesotho by DL Group 2006-10 QSL    
3C0M Annobon by EA-Team 2006-10 QSL    
XF4DL Revilla Gigedo by DL + XE Team 2006-10 QSL   Mega
TS60HS Kuriat Is./Tunisia by 3V Team 2006-07      
4O3T Montenegro by International Team 2006-07 QSL   Mega
YE6P Simeulue Island by YB Team 2006-05 QSL    
S01R Western Sahara by EA Team 2006-04 QSL    
OC5I Peru + IOTA SA-073 by DL5WM 2006-04 QSL    
YE6N Nias Island by YC6JKV + Team 2006-04 QSL    
VU4AN/* Andaman Is. by DL7DF and Crew 2006-04 QSL   Mega
TY5WP TY4TW TY5LEO TY5MR Benin by PA3EWP GM4FDM K2LEO IK2PMR 2006-03      
HQ9F Honduras by OH Team 2006-03 QSL    
YJ0ADX Vanuatu by DL Team 2006-02 QSL    
VP2V/G6AY British Virgin Is. by G6AY 2006-02 QSL    
3Y0X Peter I Island by International Team 2006-02 QSL   Mega
5H1C Zansibar Island by F6KOP A.R.C. 2006-01 QSL    
6O0N Somalia by Italian DXpedition Team 2006-01 QSL   Mega
2005 Activity Date QSL Report Mega
YE5M Siberut Island (OC-215) by YB OPs 2005-12      
A52CDX Bhutan by CDXC 2005-11 QSL    
R1MVW Malyj Vysotskij by International Team 2005-10 QSL    
K7C Kure Island by International Team 2005-09 QSL   Mega
PY0S/PS7JR St. Peter and St. Paul by PS7JR 2005-09      
YE7P Karimata Island (OC-269) by YB OPs 2005-09      
SU8GFT Giftun Is. by SU + I OPs 2005-09      
C93DY Mozambique and Chiloane Is. by UT-OPs 2005-07 QSL    
CY0AA Sable Island by US Team 2005-07 QSL    
9G5SP Ghana by DL7DF and Crew 2005-04 QSL    
A25/DL7CM, A25/DM2AYO Botswana by DL7CM and DM2AYO 2005-04 QSL    
YB7M Moresses Island (OC-268) by YB9BU and Crew 2005-03      
6O0CW Somalia by Italian DXpedition Team 2005-02 QSL    
5T0CW Mauritania by G3SWH 2005-02 QSL    
VP2V/DL7DF British Virgin Is. by DL7DF and Crew 2005-02 QSL    
R1ANF South Shetland Islands by Bellinghausen Base 2005-01 QSL    
2004 Activity Date QSL Report Mega
VU4NRO, VU4RBI Andaman Island by VU Team 2004-12 QSL   Mega
HS72B Thailand by International Team 2004-11 QSL    
ZD7F, ZD7J Saint Helena by DL Team 2004-10 QSL    
A52CDX Bhutan by CDXC 2004-10 QSL    
TJ3SP, TJ3FR Cameroon by DL7DF and Crew 2004-10 QSL   Mega
ZL7II Chatham Islands by DK1II & DL5EBE 2004-10 QSL    
TX9 Chesterfield Island by DL Team 2004-10 QSL    
RI0CM Malminskiye Island by RA3NAN RZ3EC RW0OO 2004-07 QSL    
T33C Banaba Island by International Team 2004-04 QSL   Mega
OX/DL2VFR Maniitsog Island by DL2VFR 2004-04 QSL    
3B9C Rodrigues by International Group 2004-03 QSL   Mega
VK9NB Norfolk Island by DL7AFS & DJ7ZG 2004-03 QSL    
V8JIM Brunei by G3SWH 2004-03 QSL    
R1FJ Franz Josef Land by UA3DX UA3AKO RU3AV RZ3DU RN3AZ 2004-03 QSL    
TG9/ HR5/ OH3JF Guatemala & Honduras by OH3JF 2004-03 QSL    
VK9LB Lord Howe Island by DL7AFS & DJ7ZG 2004-02 QSL    
4V200YH Haiti by DL7CM DL7UFN DK1BT DM2AYO 2004-02 QSL    
ZK3SB Tokelau by I2YSB + Crew 2004-02 QSL    
LU1ZA South Orkney by LU4DXU 2004-01 QSL    
CE6TBN/8 Riesco & Wellington Is. by CE6TBN 2004-01 QSL    
2003 Activity Date QSL Report Mega
TO4E and TO4WW Europa Island by French group 2003-11 QSL   Mega
TS7N Kerkennah, Tunisia by International Group 2003-11 QSL   Mega
3C0V Annobon by DJ9ZB and EA Friends 2003-10 QSL    
VK9XW, VK9CD Christmas Island and Cocos-Keeling by DL Team 2003-10 QSL    
BQ9P Pratas Island by International Group (DL3DXX DK7YY) 2003-10 QSL    
XZ7A Myanmar by DL7DF and Crew 2003-10 QSL   Mega
FO/IT9YRE Maria Island by IT9YRE & Friends 2003-10 QSL    
5J0X San Andres by Florida DX Pedition Group 2003-10 QSL    
FO/DF6IC FO/DL1IAN FO/DL3GA Austral Islands by DF6IC DL1IAN DL3GA 2003-09 QSL    
ZW0S St. Peter and St. Paul by PS7JN 2003-09 QSL    
XU7ACT, XU7ACU Cambodia by DJ9AO & M0GMT 2003-08 QSL    
FO/G4MFW, FO/G35WH French Polynesia by G3SWH G4MFW 2003-07 QSL    
8A9R Rote Island by YC9BU 2003-06      
5W0GW Samoa by DL2AWG 2003-05 QSL    
A35WG Tonga by DL2AWG 2003-05 QSL    
TX4PG Marquesas Island by I2MQP and friends 2003-04 QSL    
HU1M El Salvador by DL7IO and DL7IQ 2003-04 QSL    
OY7ET QA TW WB WP OY8PA Faroer Islands by LLDXT 2003-04 QSL    
ST0RY Sudan by DL Team 2003-03 QSL   Mega
A35XM Tonga by DL Team 2003-03 QSL    
HH6/DL7CM, HH6/DM2AYO Haiti by DL7CM DM2AYO 2003-02 QSL    
ST2X Sudan by PA5NT 2003-01 QSL    
2002 Activity Date QSL Report Mega
3C2MV Equatorial Guinea by VE6JO 2002-12 QSL    
CY0MM Sable Island by VE Dxer 2002-11 QSL   Mega
K8O, K8T American Samoa by International group with DJ6OI DL5RBW DL9RCF 2002-11 QSL    
C53M, C53T The Gambia by International Team 2002-11 QSL    
3XY7C Guinea by DL7DF and Crew 2002-11 QSL   Mega
CE0Z Juan Fernandez Islands by CE6TBN 2002-10 QSL    
VP2MCV and VP2MEA VP2MET VP2MPA VP2MWM VP2MWP Montserrat by LLDXT 2002-10 QSL   Mega
J75EA ET PA WP and ZH Dominica by LLDXT 2002-10 QSL    
ZL7C Chatham Islands by International group 2002-10 QSL   Mega
8Q7ZZ Maldives by International Group of Young DXers 2002-08 QSL    
XY3C XY5T XY7V and XY0TA Myanmar by International group 2002-08 QSL    
HK0/EA4DX Providencia Island / San Andres Group by EA4DX 2002-08 QSL    
TN3B, TN3W Congo by EA3BT EA3WL 2002-05 QSL    
K1B Baker & Howland Island by YT1AD and friends 2002-05 QSL   Mega
VK9ML Mellish Reef by International Group 2002-04 QSL   Mega
A35TL Tonga by DL2RUM 2002-03 QSL    
ZK2CW Niue by DL2RUM 2002-03 QSL    
H44XX Solomon Islands by VK1AA 2002-03 QSL    
H40XX Temotu by VK1AA 2002-03 QSL    
XR0X San Felix Island by International Group 2002-03 QSL   Mega
S9LA Sao Tome by LA Group 2002-02 QSL    
TI9M Cocos Island by International Team 2002-02 QSL   Mega
H7DX Nicaragua by DL7CM DL3DXX DL2OE 2002-02 QSL   Mega
5U1A and 5U4R 5U6W 5U8B 5U9C 5U0T Niger by Italian DXpedition Team 2002-02 QSL   Mega
PW0T Trindade by International Group 2002-02 QSL   Mega
2001 Activity Date QSL Report Mega
3DA0DF Swaziland by DL7DF and Crew 2001-10 QSL    
T30XU West Kiribati by PA3AXU 2001-09 QSL    
K3J Johnston Island by US Group 2001-09 QSL    
3D2XU Fiji by PA3AXU 2001-09 QSL    
C21XU Nauru by PA3AXU 2001-09 QSL    
J8PA St. Vincent by Low Land DXpedition Team 2001-08 QSL    
J38PA Grenada by Low Land DX pedition Team 2001-08 QSL    
H44RD Solomon Islands by EA4DX 2001-08 QSL    
H40DX Temotu by EA4DX 2001-08 QSL    
T5W Somalia by DL1QW 2001-06 QSL    
3B6RF Agalega by USKA and SDXF 2001-05 QSL   Mega
VP8SDX Falkland Islands by G Group 2001-04 QSL   Mega
J5X Guinea-Bissau by DJ6SI DK2WV DL1IAN and DL1QW 2001-04 QSL    
3G0Y Easter Islands by DK7YY DL3DXX and Group 2001-03 QSL   Mega
ZD8K Ascension Island by GW0ANA and Group 2001-03 QSL    
ZD7K Saint Helena by GW0ANA and Group 2001-03 QSL    
D68C Comoros by CDXC 2001-02 QSL   Mega
3D2CI Conway Reef by YT1AD and Crew 2001-02 QSL   Mega
FO/DL1AWI Marquesas Island by DL Group 2001-02 QSL    
FO/DL5XU French Polynesia by DL Group 2001-02 QSL    
D68BT, D68WL Comoros by EA3BT and EA3WL 2001-01 QSL   Mega
2000 Activity Date QSL Report Mega
FO0POM Marquesas by SP Group 2000-11 QSL    
TS7N Tunisia by DJ7IK and Group 2000-11 QSL   Mega
5V7VJ Togo by DL7DF and Crew 2000-10 QSL    
XT2OW Burkina Faso by DL7DF and Crew 2000-10 QSL    
FO0WEG Austral Islands by SP Group 2000-10 QSL    
K5K Kingman-Reef by N4XP + NI6T + Group 2000-10 QSL   Mega
C91RF Mozambique by DL6DQW 2000-09 QSL    
FR/F6KDF/T Tromelin by Lyon DX Gang 2000-08 QSL   Mega
VK9XY Christmas Island by DH1TW + DH1SGS 2000-08 QSL    
5W0SF Samoa by OE2SNL 2000-08 QSL    
ZK1AXU North Cook Islands by PA3AXU 2000-07 QSL    
7P8AA Lesotho by DL Group 2000-07 QSL    
VK9WI Willis Island by VK Group 2000-05 QSL    
A52A Bhutan by International Team 2000-05 QSL   Mega
5Z4WI Kenya by G-Group 2000-03 QSL    
TX0DX Chesterfield Island by International Team 2000-03 QSL   Mega
FO0AAA Clipperton by International Team 2000-03 QSL   Mega
VK9CN, CO, CP Cocos-Keeling by German Group 2000-02 QSL    
VK9XS, XT, XU Christmas Island by German Group 2000-02 QSL    
5U7Z Niger by DJ9ZB 2000-01 QSL    
VP6BR Picairn Island by OH2BR 2000-01 QSL   Mega
1999 Activity Date QSL Report Mega
T33CW and T33Y Banaba by DL7DF and Crew 1999-11 QSL    
VP2MBT and VP2MGL Montserrat by EA3BT 1999-11 QSL    
T30CW and T30Y West Kiribati by DL7DF and Crew 1999-11 QSL   Mega
ZK3CW, ZK3DX, ZK3YL Tokelau by Team "Double Trouble" 1999-10 QSL    
5W0GD Samoa by PA3AXU 1999-10 QSL    
3C0R Annobon by EA5-DXer 1999-09 QSL    
T31T, T31K, T31YL Kanton by Team "Double Trouble" 1999-09 QSL    
T24DX Tuvalu by EA4DX 1999-09 QSL    
CY9RF St. Paul Isl. by K8RF + group 1999-05 QSL    
3B9R Rodrigues by MKDXA 1999-04 QSL   Mega
FW5FN Wallis by HB9HFN 1999-02 QSL    
ZL9CI Campbell Island by Kermadec DX Association 1999-01 QSL   Mega
T20FW Tuvalu by DL3DXX & Team 1999-01 QSL    
3D2DK Fiji by DL3DXX and Team 1999-01 QSL    
1998 Activity Date QSL Report Mega
T88II Micronesia by KJ9I 1998-12 QSL    
XU1A Cambodia 1998-12 QSL    
E30GA Eritrea by Space A DX Group 1998-11 QSL   Mega
FT5ZH Amsterdam Isl. by Lyon DX Gang 1998-11 QSL   Mega
TY8A Benin by DL7DF and Crew 1998-11 QSL    
T32IW, T32VU,
also T30CT, T31AF,
T33VU and others
Kiribati by DL1VU (and DJ5IW) 1998-10 QSL    
3D2DX Rotuma by EA4DX 1998-09 QSL    
ZL8RS Kermadec Islands by ZL1RS 1998-07 QSL    
OJ0AU Market Reef by DL6LAU and group 1998-07 QSL    
JT1X Mongolia by HA's 1998-05      
3B7RF St. Brandon by USKA 1998-05 QSL   Mega
JT1Y Mongolia by I's 1998-04 QSL    
K4AU/WH1, WA4FFW/NH1 Howland by MKDXA 1998-03 QSL    
N4DAZ/KH3 Johnston by MKDXA 1998-03 QSL    
ZL7DK Chatham Islands by DL3DXX and friends 1998-03 QSL   Mega
9M0C Spratly by CDXC 1998-02 QSL   Mega
YS1X El Salvador by OH-Group 1998-02 QSL    
KA4IST/KH5 Palmyra by MKDXA 1998-02 QSL    
N4BQW/KH5K Kingman Reef by MKDXA 1998-02 QSL    
1997 Activity Date QSL Report Mega
5A2A Libya by RRDXA 1997-11 QSL    
K4M Midway Island by Midway/Kure DX Found. 1997-10 QSL   Mega
K7K Kure by Midway/Kure DX Found. 1997-10 QSL    
N4BQW/KH5 Palmyra Island by SSIDXG 1997-10 QSL    
DL7DF/HR3 Honduras by DL7DF and Crew 1997-10 QSL    
ZK1XXP North Cook Islands by N4XP and others 1997-09 QSL    
VK9WM, VK9WY Willis Island by ODXG 1997-09 QSL   Mega
CY9AA St. Paul Island 1997-07 QSL    
OJ0/DL... Market Reef by OJ0/DL1IAN OJ0/DL3YEL OJ0/DL5IO OJ0/DL6GV 1997-06 QSL    
ZY0SG, ZY0SK St. Peter and St. Paul by PS7KM, PT7AA 1997-02 QSL    
J75T Dominica by DL6LAU 1997-02 QSL    
VK0IR Heard Island by International Team 1997-01 QSL   Mega
3B8/DL6UAA Mauritius by DL6UAA 1997 QSL    
1996 Activity Date QSL Report Mega
J38DF, J38BO, J38TF, J38FR Grenada by DL7DF and Crew 1996-09 QSL    
D68DV, D68ET, D68XS Comoros by DL3KDV, DL6ET, DL4XS 1996-09 QSL    
AH0W/AH4 Midway by MKDXA 1996-08 QSL    

QSL Donations

Callsign(s) DXCC Entity / IOTA Remarks QSL
3B9FR Rodrigues Resident QSL
5A1A Libya QSL
6O0X, 6O0W Somalia QSL
8Q7GA Maldives  
8Q7IO and 8Q7IQ Maldives QSL
9M6HX East Malaysia and Spratly Isl. QSL
9N1NCW Nepal QSL
9X0A Rwanda QSL
AP2N Pakistan Resident QSL
CE0Z/DL2AH Juan Fernandez Islands DL2AH QSL
CW5F Isla Timoteo Domí­nguez (SA-057) 2014-02 QSL
D44TXT Cape Verde 2013-10 QSL
E4/DL7FER Palestine QSL
FO/DL5XU Marquesas Is.  
HU2DX El Salvador 2012-02 QSL
J28XX Djibouti QSL
J48IO, J48YL Greece/Proti Is. EU-158 by DLs QSL
JW/DL4OCM and JW/DF6VI Svalbard QSL
OC4P, 4T75O Pachacamac Is. - Peru QSL
R1ANF Antarctica QSL
SV2ASP/A Mount Athos Resident QSL
T30KU, T2AH W.Kiribati & Tuvalu DL2AH QSL
TA0/DF8DX Buyukada Island, AS-201 2014-07 QSL
VP8CTR Antarctica QSL
YA/DL2JRM Afghanistan QSL