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This list shows the single operators having achieved more than 30,000 QSOs during a DXpedition. We keep only track of real single op DXpeditions but not of those who have been for example on a longer job assignment in a rare country. We also do not list the most travelled DXers who have been on two dozen or more DXpeditions, for example G3TXF, G3SXW, DJ6SI, DK7PE, UA4WHX.

Jukka Heikinheimo, OH2BR, logged most contacts made during a single-operator DXpedition as VP6BR on Pitcairn in 2000. This has been recognized as a Guinness world record. In 2020 Janusz Wegrzyn, SP9FIH, lapped Jukka from Norfolk Island as VK9NK.

Callsign DXCC Entity Operator Year Days QSOs QSOs/Day
VK9NK Norfolk Island SP9FIH 2020 174 57,802 332
VP6BR Pitcairn Island OH2BR 2000 88 56,242 639
9L1AB Sierra Leone G3AB 2002 36 40,362 1,121
HC8MD, HC8VHF Galapagos Islands NE8Z 1981 31 35,000 1,129
ZK2V Niue ZL1CT 2011 59 34,199 580